About us

Hi as you know we are the Minecraft Boois and our real names is Oliver and Johan and we are very good on Minecraft. And me Oliver my new project is to build a hole world on Minecraft and then do a mod of it and you guys reading this will be the first persons to get the mod because I will post it here First of all because it is my mod after all. So yea I will post the mod when its done so that was everything for today. If you got time then please check this website and please like it rsinforstips.n.nu And please like our website. And if you have some questions then just send me or Johan a mail on this two hotmails Johans (johanbra@hotmail.se) and me Olivers (Oliver-fransson@hotmail.com) and then we will try to answer the question.


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We like this page and want to help you, so start searching for some files!




Download this game and play with us. Our names is EXTREMASvenne and EXTREMAOlli


Here`s Tribes website: https://account.hirezstudios.com/tribesascend/


Installation instruction

1. Download and install the game. You can do step 2 while you install it.

2. Register a new account for the game on Tribes website. Hit the PLAY FOR FREE button to register.

3. When installation is done, start game and login with your details.

4. You can get 250 GP for free here. Write down the code an enter the game again.

5. In-game go to store and then reedem promotion, you can´t copy and paste the code.

6. Done!

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